West Chester University cancels all in-person classes because of coronavirus

  • West Chester University on Tuesday became the first local university to cancel all “in-person, face-to-face instruction” for the rest of the semester and use alternative means of communication beginning March 30, as concern about the coronavirus spread.
    While several other area colleges have extended spring break and announced they will go online at least through early April, West Chester president Christopher Fiorentino said university officials determined it wouldn’t make sense to bring students back after spring break, which is this week. Daily News
    About 3,000 of the campus’ more than 17,000 students said they intended to travel over the break, about 400 of them internationally, he said. They would be on planes, trains, and cruise ships, he said.
    “We knew there was going to be a high potential for exposure,” he said. 'We’re taking the course of action that we believe gives us the most control in order to successfully complete the semester.

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