How to set up your Google business profile list

  • Many ecommerce websites don't realize that a Google business profile can help their business rank higher . This free tool from Google isn't just for local physical stores. This is for any business that could benefit from higher visibility and web traffic.

    If you're wondering how to set up your Google business profile and start optimizing your profile, this article is for you. It will walk you through the setup with screenshots and simple explanations. In addition, we have some simple tips for using your GBP to attract more customers and increase your conversion rates.

    Who needs a Google business profile?
    If you are a local business, a GBP listing is essential. For local businesses, Best Database Provider the GBP is the most critical item you can set up for your business - and you don't even need a website up front (although that helps). If you don't have a website yet, Google can provide you with a basic one, for free! So there is no excuse not to start TODAY.

    If you're not a local business, listing in GBP (and defining a national or international service area) can help your business rank for additional long tail keyword searches. And with Google's recent changes to company profiles, creating a GBP is easier than ever, regardless of your technical skill level.

    Easy setup for Google business profile
    Step 1: Sign in to the Google business profile

    Go to and sign in using your Google Account information.

    1a. If you don't have a Google account
    If you don't have a Google or Gmail account, you can still sign up. But first you will need to create an account. Fortunately, Google makes this very simple.

    Simply go to and enter the information requested by Google. Once your account is created, return to the Google Business Profile account creation page .

    Google Business profile registration page with the image of a card on the right

    After entering your Google Account information, tap the blue "manage now" button on the Google My Business landing page .

    Step 2: Find your business listing
    GBP screenshot Find and manage your business with search bar and mobile phone picture

    After clicking on "Manage now", the Google system will begin to guide you through the creation of your business listing.

    The first step is to find your business. Using the search query box, enter your business name. If your business appears, select it to claim the business as your own and to let Google know that it should be signed in to your Google Account.

    If you find your business, claim it!

    2a. What if my business does not appear in the search results?

    Before creating your business listing, be sure to try out a variety of spelling options for your business name, so you don't end up with a duplicate. Duplicate business listings can create complications in the future.

    If you still can't find your name, consider entering what customers call your business, or if your business had a previous name.

    If your business is not yet listed, create it!
    Screenshot Add your company with its name and category

    Enter the name of your business. Check spelling, spacing and case. This is what will appear at the top of your Google business listing.
    Enter an activity category that applies to your business. When you start typing, the search query automatically fills with suggestions. You can change this later or add additional categories. - so don't stress too much about this choice.
    Each category has a GCLID (a specific technical identifier) ​​which can help you choose between categories that may appear similar.

    Take these two categories for example WhatsApp Mobile Number List commercial photographer vs photography service . You might not know which category to choose as a professional photographer.

    The GCLIDS in this case can help clarify your choice - the commercial photographer has the GCLID advertising_photographer and the photography department has the GCLID photography_service .

    Most of the GCLIDs will be roughly the same as the category name.

    If you cannot find a category that matches your business, you can click the blue Next button to continue after reading the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

    Step 3: Add your business location
    GBP screenshot add physical location

    Google will want to know the physical location of your business or if your business does not have a storefront or physical location that customers can visit or find on Maps.

    Option 1: select Yes and add your physical address
    Screenshot Step 3 Add a location

    Then you will be prompted to enter your business location via your address. this should be your primary location, you can add more locations later. This is what will appear on Google search results and the Google Maps app. This data helps customers find your business when they enter search terms into Google.
    Screenshot of a corporate physical location as it appears on Google Maps

    Screenshot of Yogi's Pizza GBP location and listing

    In addition to helping nearby potential customers disco

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